Monday, June 16, 2008

Abstract no?

Late night doodling in zbrush and photoshop. I love my new toy.. once I learn more it will be more than an abstract painting creation engine. I also make a little clay looking goose in it.. but..not so good.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

creative title here


It is a cleaning day.. hooray for cleanliness and a nice home. Work is work and I love my wife.

In other news, I'm obsessing about Spore. I haven't been this excited about a game since I saw the Mac World video for Halo.. when it was a mac game and the Xbox seemed like a lame idea. It is a game (that might be too limiting of a word.. Sandbox Toy God Simulator?) that blows my mind. You started at a microbe level, evolve creature though game play, go from the ocean and take those first important steps onto land, successfully mate and become evolutionary fit (or die), form tribes, technology, wage war, make cities, more tech (you get to design your buildings and vehicles), more war, get to space, engage in galactic conquest (there is a planet destroying weapon..hello Deathstar), terraform planets, seed new life on alien worlds (you can design plant life too), and make contact with alien races. Spore designs ecosystems - you can make 4 assed, 2 headed 1 tentacled critters (and hopefully they'll become the dominant life form.. hooray for tentacles!!) This game is so geek (and accessible to men and women, boys and girls alike).. I'm stoked.

So here I am..waiting.. impatiently... stupid September being 4 months away.

On the cg front - I'm trying to learn Zbrush. So.. I'll post pictures as that comes along.

I can't say enough about the game.. and I haven't played it yet.