Friday, May 23, 2008

Can't get enough of the World

I can not get enough of this commercial... it is less a commercial about the Discovery channel and more about how awesome our world is (which is kind of what the Discovery Channel is about..hmm). Anyways.. I sing it all day.

So.. I was thinking about movie time travel today (because.. you know.. I'm a geek). So.. terminator time travel doesn't work. The whole movie's idea is that we make our own fate, but things are predestined (the savior of the human race sends his buddy back to be his own dad. Its a self referencing go). Now Back to the Future time travel works okay (except for the fading Marty which is lame and doesn't make much sense).. everything Marty does in the past retroactively effects his future. The only problem is that Marty_A goes back.. affects his parents and future.. parents have Marty_B.. then Marty_A returns to the present. He thinks that he is seeing himself go off in the Delorean but Marty_A is really watching Marty_B go off into the past. So where the hell does Marty_B go (presumably back in time..affecting his parents future resulting in Marty_C and so on). The best thing for Marty_A would be if Marty_B never makes it back his past.. Marty_B goes to the Permian period and got crushed by a Dimetrodon. Apparently this doesn't happen because as soon as he gets back to the present, Doc takes him to the future with those nifty hoverboards. Who the hell is this future Marty? Is this Marty_C perhaps? Marty_B must have gone back.. got his parent together and instilled positive thinking in them.. and then took his trip to the Dimetrodon footwear store. And this Marty_C didn't hang out with Doc and go back in time (his 1985 was pretty good now). Sooo.. Marty_A and the Doc go to the future to help out Marty_C's kids? How weird is that.. and why do they care..if thing aren't predestined (as shown by new and improved McFlys of 1985) what can you possibly do in the future (accept buy cool new toys that affect your past)do for you? Marty_A couldn't have been seeing himself in the future, because he removed himself from the time stream. He was looking at some alternate Marty that really wouldn't be him (good thing he learned not to be such a hot head though..way to avoid that car crash that screwed up Marty_C's life). So.. the movie's time travel works with a minor paradox and some missing information.

Lets assume that the law of conservation holds true.. we can't create or destroy matter.. there is a finite amount of energy in the universe. So.. as Marty_A makes Marty_B with the time machine, some small star.. or guy in Cleveland.. or a school of mackerel.. dematerialize to make up for the new Marty_B (We've made a machine that not only displaces matter though time, it also redistributes energy in the universe (I'm thinking the flux capacitor..king of black box technology.. makes this work out ).

Wow.. while thinking about this, I did a Google and this guy's website hits these points and a lot of other movies more thoroughly than I do (but less humorously I'm sure).

There is a movie that did time travel really well and I can't remember the time.. its like.. hmm.. machine.. mechanical term.. torpid.. Primer!!! Wow.. witness my brain in action!! Not sure where torpid came from but it brought forth Primer. If you want to watch a very nerdy movie that is only enjoyable if you're a nerd (and awesome in that right) watch Primer.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I am sick.. fever and body aches.. I've spent the last two days on my couch drifting between pain and sleep. It sucks. I thought I would try to get up and play on the computer or work on some art. But my head hurts.. I think I will just go lay down again.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mama day

So I had a nice time visiting my parents - I got my mom some jammies to sleep in. We had a nice ham dinner and played poker with family (typical when we get together - I love it). My dad put together some fishing gear for me too. When I got home, I caught a fish 'this big' (from my elbow to my finger tips). It was the biggest fish that I've caught in memory.. a largemouth bass. Our little pond is catch and release, so maybe I will get him again.. I hope so. Man o man, there are a lot of turtles out there.. snapping and box turtles galore. I like how this post really doesn't have much of a tangent.. just thinking in text.

Sarah and I want to buy a condo here - we'll save on rent that way. And we want a we're going to go to the doctors to get all checked out. If they give us bad news, I hear we can order one from China. So.. no worries :).

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Little Dade has inspired me..

I was going to put these guys in a hot air balloon, but I swear I've seen that somewhere before. So what should they be in or on?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Time to get back on the horse

I've been getting so caught up in a cycle of work and crash that I haven't been focusing on the things that really make me satisfied. It is the whole rut of 'I've worked all day and I'm tired.. so I'm not going to do anything once I get home'. This is probably a luxury actually but it is proving to be unhealthy for me. Take writing this blog for example.. I haven't been doing it. And I get a lot of satisfaction from it. Sloth sucks. And daily sketching - I was climbing a ladder and fell down quite a few rungs. Here is one for today - photoshop was being a bit sketchy (pun intended) tonight. My brush kept deciding to not work and then affect layers I wasn't working on. Weirdness really. Animation & CG - more things that I want to get back into the swing of. I'm going to start slow and hopefully build momentum as I go.

On other notes,a family crisis is occurring with my sister and I can't get a hold of her on the phone. Sarah and I (hell - everyone I'm sure) did a lot of stupid rebellious things growing up and I'm sure that is what is going on, but it is scaring my folks. We love her and miss her - its tough to get perspective on things you can only see from one vantage. On the flip side, Talking to my brother now is like trying to draw blood from a rock. He is a genius and someone I really admire and love, but at the same time dealing with all the _joy_ of the family and being a teenager. Not fun so I understand.

Tonight I am going to exercise some. I need to get in better shape (which shouldn't be hard when I'm in poor shape right now.. any exercise should lead to better shape). Hmm.. hungry.. going to go make some food and do push-ups and squats.. while watching Transformers. The new formula shall be fun + geek + improvement = awesomeness.

Love ya people!