Monday, October 20, 2008

Hooray for Walking

I made a vanilla walk cycle tonight - more animations to come. It is all coming back to me.

Hmm.. I need to buy quicktime again so I can compress these.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

एनीमेशन फूं

Last night I completed a walk cycle for hips & legs (no upper body on the character.. I'm moving on to that tonight). It is coming back to me.. it feels good. In more good time fun news, I've been hanging out with my brother online. Also good time fun - Drew is great. He is a genius and hopefully one day build robots or an evil AI that enslaves humanity or creates a utopia. I'm trying to talk him into going to MIT to study awesomeness (it is part of the curriculum) and hopefully pick up a Boston/Texas hybrid accent that turns his speech into a music of sorts.

More to come and videos to post..

Friday, October 17, 2008

Bound and determined

Woot.. blog post!

I am going to become a professional animator. Right now I'm an animator (because I'm animating again!!) but no one is paying me for it. I think the path to becoming a professional animator lies mostly in the later half of the title. I need to eat, sleep, and drink animation. I want Sarah (my lovely wife) to say, "Scott, you're not spending enough time with me and the dogs because you're animating too much." or "Why do you take a break from animating and come eat."

Last night I animated a quick Taylor jump (Taylor is the Animation Mentor equivalent of a squirrel.. he is a ball with a tail) and started a lower torso walk. I plan on jumping onto the next animation session challenge in Cgtalk and working working working.

I'm fired up about being fired up.

I want this blog to live up to the title. I really want my life to become better though cg & animation. I've vested all this time in my life into studying animation and art. Time and money. Apart from our abysmal credit card debt that we are paying down (no more plastic.. hooray for budgeting), the majority of our financial burden comes from my student loans. And am I paying it off with animation makin' money? Nope. So screw trying to look for other jobs that might pay more than my current one (I really love my job at the moment, but not as much as I would love to be an animator.) If I spent half the time I play Team Fortress 2 or online poker on animation.. well.. I would be animating a lot.

In other news I'm working on an art project with my buddy Clint ( for his new game. So far I've painted many shotguns.. I'm frustrated as hell trying to design a character (I rely really heavily on reference and I can't get reference for what I want to do.. hopefully this will make me grow by not having a crutch to lean on). I'll get him done and post sexy pictures of him being rebellious on here. As far as I'm concerned, if I'm painting, drawing, making art, modeling, or animating with my time, I'm on the path to my goal.