Monday, April 28, 2008

Bad Blogger

I haven't written a post in a week.. Bad blogger! Bad!

So here is an update.

So whats up.. I've had some crazy weeks. Lots of groups to take care of at work..I've just been really busy.

Sarah got a bad virus but she is getting better now. Its no fun when your sweetie is ill.

I got me some new clothes! I look like a preppy stud now... hello Banana Republic! It is so nice to be wearing new clothing.. I buy clothes about twice a year.. I really needed some. The best part is new socks!! Hooray for good feeling feet.

Art.. nill. CG.. nada. More like Better Living though exhausting days and well rested nights.

Monday, April 21, 2008


I played my first game of golf yesterday and man do I suck :). Golf is great though for the following reasons:

1. You get to drive around in go-carts. In a sport. How cool is that?
2. You get to swing clubs. Apart from baby seal hunting, how many sports have clubs? (Not straight sticks.. little f'ed up sticks!)

3. Although I haven't gotten to the advanced stage of the game, apparently drinking heavily is required as you advance in skill. The go-carts have coolers that fit 6-packs.
4. Like most sports, you wear funny outfits and use specialized equipment. In golf the specialized equipment sometimes looks like this:

5. You can play the game (and still suck at it) until your ancient. This is also very accepted.. so.. bonus.

1. Kinda pricey.. unless you happen to work and live at a golf course (hooray for me!)
2. Juggling ferrets is easier than this sport.
3. If I took the game more seriously (and I'm an extremist..I like stuff a lot when I like it), it is probably the most frustrating thing in existence.
4. I really suck at it.. the ball just doesn't want to go where you want it to and seems to be just as hard to find when it does fly in the right direction.

In the cg front:

I've started a walk.. go me.

In the cg hindering yet fun front:
I've started playing Dwarf Fortress. You must play.. it is.. hmm.. rad.

Peace out.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ready to Rock!

You ready to rock?! I'm ready to rock out with my manly extremity out. Schlump-time over - I'm fired up about being fired up. I am a beautiful animal, I am a destroyer of worlds, I am Scott, F'ing McElfresh!!

Clint - get that list of pictures sent to me.

Self - get off your ass and start some animating!


(Runs off with axe, torch, and furry hat!)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rockin Dream

Wow.. what a killer dream last night. I can't make out all the details - its a dream after all, but I was hunting in the woods with my family. We had short bows and a deer came up to nuzzle us (apparently we weren't hunting deer). Then a brown fox came up and licked my face (not hunting them either I guess). During this family outing, I looked into the sky and saw strange flying machines and airships coursing though the clouds. We immediately hopped into our van (A-Team style.. my family has never owned a van), and were racing away from large bald-headed humanoids. We fled into a warehouse where I ran into one of the Aghartanians; I shot him square in the face with the bow. The arrow pitifully bounced off and he smiled at me. I can't recall the conversation, but human lives were akin to games they played. As if, our lives as we lived them where characters they roleplayed in games. How weird is that? He then went on to tell me that I need to keep creating art.

This has been going though my head throughout the day - tommarow is my day off and I'm going to see if I can work out a portrait of the Aghartan or maybe the airship. Or anything.. you don't want to piss of a large bald alien who speaks to you in dreams.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Not a post

This isn't really a post. I'm not posting because I haven't posted in awhile. And nothing has really happened since then so there really isn't a point to a new post. I really should be doing things that would let me make a great post. How annoying is that. Mostly I've been destroying digital soldiers in the evenings and in the days, making coffee, making contracts, and making arrangements. But I really should be making other things in my time away from work.

I have an idea: give me an assignment to work on. You're my friends and interesting people - surely you have an idea that would be fun to make and animate. I want to build a set and props.. make characters and animate scenes. I'm in creative deadlock. I think of ideas.. like..hmm.. two guys..and.. one of them chops the other down with an ax. Creative? Not so much.. fun to animate? Possibly. Am I excited about it enough to take the laborious amount of time to animate it? Nope. Animation takes a great deal of time. And passion. I seem to have less passion after a long day of work... because.. you know.. I've worked all day and then the animation seems like more work. Instead of creation, fun, and art. I'm in a bit of a rut - I don't want to vent and bum anyone out. Good thing I'm not posting anything.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Me and my buddies.

I just have to post these pictures. Just look at how amazing little Dade is. And his Dad is my best friend in world - he must have passed some amazing along.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Beatlemania and 4 Irish Tenors

Yesterday was a day of Bransontastic fun. Sarah and I took the day off together and saw some shows. One rocked my socks off; I had an amazing time. Sarah and I sang and yelled - the Liverpool Legends are about the closest experience you can get to actually seeing the Beatles in concert. In several ways it might actually be a better experience than seeing a Beatles concert.. you know.. less hysteria and deafening screams.. more music. I'll never really know until there is a zombie reunion tour. The Liverpool Legends sing the songs and play the instruments - no lip syncing here. Killer concert. On that note though.. Sarah said something disturbing before the show. Imaging seeing a Nirvana tribute band at a theater when we're 64... that is about the equivalent experience most of the audience had. Anyways - see the Liverpool Legends if you love the Beatles.

The 4 Irish Tenors were another thing completely. We saw the 10AM show (go free tickets..woo). Technically they are called the 12 Irish Tenors but only 4 are actually from Ireland. Basically, if I joined the 16 French Saxophonists, it would be about the equivalent. Sarah's biggest complaint (and it has merit) is that maybe 2 of the singers were the same as the ones on the billboard. This would be a better sign (and possibly a better show). I must admit - they sang very well. Not much Irish.. mostly opera and show tunes..very choirboy.. but very well. They were entertaining.

To top off they day, we had dinner with Sarah's folks at a great upscale southwestern restaurant. That reminds me.. I have a doggy box in the fridge. SCORE! Really good food..then we went and got rental movies and crashed in bed. Not a bad day at all.

On today's fun with work activities: I toured the Sight and Sound Theater. I don't think I'll be interested much in the content of there performances, but I have to admit, I want to see the shows. The stage is huge. The theater is beautiful. And how could I pass up a show that has animatronic hippos? My critique of a show I haven't seen: apparently the Noah gives the Ark over to Christ. WTH?? I'm no theologian but that seems to miss the mark Biblically. If Yahweh shut the door to the Ark, that would have some scriptural precedence but Christ? Like a omnipresent, pre-physical manifestation spirit Christ? No angel? Weird huh? On the nifty front: apparently there is a Temple of Nod in the production. Eat your heart out Command and Conquer.