Sunday, February 15, 2009

News and Chiu


I would like to say thank you to Bobby Chui. He is an amazing artist but even more so, he is an amazing motivator. I was drawn to Bobby's work when I first happened upon him on CGTALK. I think the first painting I delighted over was a picture of a a boy in a whale suit. I still love it. Anyways, I was slacking the other day trolling though youtube and thought about Bobby Chui - sure enough, he had some videos. I was bowled over; instead of talking about the work he was creating in the videos, he instead speaks about what it means to be successful. He talks about visualizing your goals, working hard, and overcomming the pitfalls we set up for ourselves that prevent us from achieving our dreams.

I'm listening to Bobby's sage advice. Last night I animated and I loved it. I animated for myself and for the joy of art and animation. I worked instead of slacking and got up earlier in the day. I am an animator and I am going to be a professional soon.

Just thought everyone should know.