Saturday, April 9, 2011

Napping for Humanity

Today was another fun day with volunteering. I took part in a couple of Habitat for Humanity projects. Basically we turned giant piles of earth into nice level yards and filled trenches. I'm glad that Humanity will have some more Habitat to live in and nice yards to boot. It really took it out of me so I came home and took a nap. I was fighting it though. I went from writing, to lack of concentration, to watching some Morel Orel, to listening to Morel, to passing out. Body needed rest.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Goal progress

Charity & Volunteering

Yesterday I went out and helping to feed the homeless. People ate, got to laugh, talk, and smile in a safe environment, and everything went great. I also got to play with a cute baby. If playing with cute babies was part of all volunteer work I would definitely go out more. I do feel better about life, living, and everything so am going to look for more opportunities. I'm sure this will be a naive statement about the homeless and greater socioeconomic factors play in, but they seemed just like everyday people who had obstacles in their lives that just got the better of them. I talked to a man who was ex-Navy, was undergoing asbestos exposure treatment, and was a divorced after he got in a car accident. That is a rough ticket. Others had chemical dependencies and mental issues. Regardless, everyone wanted to have a meal and sit and talk.


I'm going to drink this giant bottle of water today. The sticker said it was my recommended daily allowance of water.If you can't trust a giant water bottle sticker I don't know who to really trust in this world. I mean.. look at this bottle. It is silly big.


I drew some really ugly drawings yesterday. Several pages of ugly drawings. My biggest drawing hurdle right now is character drawing. I never worry about drawing from life, but keeping vitality and life in designed characters isn't a skill that I've acquired yet in 2d. So right now I'm doing studies from the legendary Fred Moore and Hanna Barbara designs via John K Stuff's blog. When I start making some better drawings, I will be sure and post them.


No progress. Waiting until I move before I start this new endeavor.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Things I want in my life

Animate more! Draw more! Make Art. I want to create more art pieces. Things to put on the wall or the fridge. I want to decorate my life. Kids coloring produce more work in a day than I do in a month. Why is that? I want to pour myself into it and just enjoy. I need to let myself make bad art. I give myself permission to learn and make mistakes.

Drink more water. I have gotten off of soda and candy. This is big for me, but tea is my current drug of choice. So more water for me. And milk. And less tea (to make room for the milk and water).

Volunteer more. I have mixed feelings on this. I feel like helping society is a responsibility and I should be a part of that. I don't get a lot of warm and fuzzy feelings from it though. Mostly it is hard work without tangible rewards. So here's to social responsibility – maybe I'll buy a bear to have something warm and fuzzy. I'm working at a soup kitchen today – I'll post more about that.

I want to learn guitar. How clich̩ is that? Still РI've always wanted to rock out. So why not.