Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Gallery is Up

My portfolio is up on the portfolio gallery page. (Coincidence?)

Spring Cleaning

Well - it is time to dust off the ol' blog and get back to posting. A lot has happened lately.

Right now I'm finishing up tech-school in Pensacola, Florida - I'm learning to fix airplanes. Joining the Air National Guard was a great decision and has really saved the family after Sarah developed her condition. I never thought I would be here a year ago, but things are going well.

Art is constantly on my mind (you would think that aeronautical maintenance would be but mostly art occupies the mind while I'm here). What would I do without a sketchbook? On that - I've never been much of a sketchbook person (some of my friends are never without theirs and it shows). I always just worked out whatever project, design, or art piece that came to mind. Granted I always had them around -- anyways, some people are sketchbook people and some people are not -- I wasn't but I think I am becoming a convert.

Now I just need to get a gallery up on here and keep drawing.

The bad part of being away from home is that I miss my studio space. I miss my desk and books and supplies. I need to get back to animating just as soon as I'm home.. it is a _need_.