Sunday, December 21, 2008

Eyes and Tentacles

Well.. I'm working on a project with a monster in mind.. because "The Goon" movie is coming out and working at Blur on it would be a dream come true. Just testing a rig idea.. putting the beach animation on hold.

And.. eyeball :O

Here goes!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Workworkwork is a little work on a unity guy.. figuring out this stuff again..sorta.

I know this sucks at the moment.. but I'm working.. so :P

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sick again

Sick again.. I sound like I'm killing a duck when I talk.. I slept most of the day.

Being sick sucks.. you're off work, but feel to bad to accomplish anything.

Head hurts.. write more later.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Set backs

So I'm still having some set backs.. the hair I made just isn't that great for I'm trying blend shapes with the rig to see if I can fix this mess... referencing is still a no go so that sucks. Also..the undead have infested the city and my brother and I are trying to make it to Mercy Hospital..

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So.. I'm stuck.. I can't get my Katerine rig to work right... her legs refuse to stay where I put them... luckily I have Thaddeus Parkinson (a technical director at ILM.. sweeet) looking at it. I'm sure between us, things will get worked out.. sucks though to be stuck.

Edit: (futzing around in maya for awhile later)

Weee... I can make it work..but not how I want.

The problem appears to be referencing... or how it is being handled. It is probably a user error (my fault), but I don't know what I am doing wrong.

Referencing is great though.. if it was something you could do in the real world, it would be amazing. Like say you had an object like your car.. referencing lets you pimp your ride without it sitting in the shop for a month. I wanted to get the majority of my animation done and then if I felt like it needed extra polish (like cloth or animated hair.. whatever), I could just edit the base model in another file and then go to my scene where all the animation would still be applied and the character would get updated.

So I'm going to try with no referencing because I want to keep moving(and keep trying to figure it out how to get it to work).

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

On to blocking

So I worked out a pose... and saved my file (been saving multiple files.. incrementally saving). I quit Maya.. open my file.. and Kat is moved and in a different pose.. in all the saved files. What the hell! Arg..hours of work.. ohh well.. I'll push on and hopefully figure out why my saves aren't working.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tragic Beach

Here are the characters for the short that I'm working on. Katherine is the dying girl on the left and Tom is her fiancé. These two young lovers have a really bad day at the beach..

As always, special thanks to Animation Mentor for being such a wonderful school and providing me with such lovely rigs. (Animation Mentor Bishop Rigs - textured and with hair) If you have interest in animation and are trying to decide on the right school, look no further than your computer and AM.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Feeling quite a bit better

Hooray.. I don't feel like my head is going to explode (scanner style).

So the project is going forward and back again. We have hair and texturing - and textures that are animating when they shouldn't. I messed with the uvs after the model was weighted.. not a good idea (i had forgotten that). So, back to base models and retexturing..

P.S. - Puppies are awesome..but so tiring :o

Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm sick.. it sucks..

hear hurts with fever.. no fun

this is cool though

Go learn

Saturday, November 1, 2008

What happened to Spiderman 3

So Sarah and I popped in 50 First Dates tonight and it had a preview for Spiderman 2. Spiderman 2 is awesome (and the poster looks like my friend Thad, even though Alfred Molina does not) - it is such a fantastic movie. So what the hell happened to Spiderman 3? It pisses me off to think about the movie.. we both left feeling disappointing. The story felt disjointed.. Venom was a weak character.. the Sandman angle was just wtf? When I think of it I get all mad..

I know this post is a year too late but I guess I was repressing the feelings.. it is good to let it all out.

So I just thumbnailed out my new scene.. blocking out the poses tomorrow. I still don't quite know how I want to stage all of the scene. If it is successful (on completion) hopefully you'll get a bit teary watching it. Here's hoping.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hooray for Walking

I made a vanilla walk cycle tonight - more animations to come. It is all coming back to me.

Hmm.. I need to buy quicktime again so I can compress these.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

एनीमेशन फूं

Last night I completed a walk cycle for hips & legs (no upper body on the character.. I'm moving on to that tonight). It is coming back to me.. it feels good. In more good time fun news, I've been hanging out with my brother online. Also good time fun - Drew is great. He is a genius and hopefully one day build robots or an evil AI that enslaves humanity or creates a utopia. I'm trying to talk him into going to MIT to study awesomeness (it is part of the curriculum) and hopefully pick up a Boston/Texas hybrid accent that turns his speech into a music of sorts.

More to come and videos to post..

Friday, October 17, 2008

Bound and determined

Woot.. blog post!

I am going to become a professional animator. Right now I'm an animator (because I'm animating again!!) but no one is paying me for it. I think the path to becoming a professional animator lies mostly in the later half of the title. I need to eat, sleep, and drink animation. I want Sarah (my lovely wife) to say, "Scott, you're not spending enough time with me and the dogs because you're animating too much." or "Why do you take a break from animating and come eat."

Last night I animated a quick Taylor jump (Taylor is the Animation Mentor equivalent of a squirrel.. he is a ball with a tail) and started a lower torso walk. I plan on jumping onto the next animation session challenge in Cgtalk and working working working.

I'm fired up about being fired up.

I want this blog to live up to the title. I really want my life to become better though cg & animation. I've vested all this time in my life into studying animation and art. Time and money. Apart from our abysmal credit card debt that we are paying down (no more plastic.. hooray for budgeting), the majority of our financial burden comes from my student loans. And am I paying it off with animation makin' money? Nope. So screw trying to look for other jobs that might pay more than my current one (I really love my job at the moment, but not as much as I would love to be an animator.) If I spent half the time I play Team Fortress 2 or online poker on animation.. well.. I would be animating a lot.

In other news I'm working on an art project with my buddy Clint ( for his new game. So far I've painted many shotguns.. I'm frustrated as hell trying to design a character (I rely really heavily on reference and I can't get reference for what I want to do.. hopefully this will make me grow by not having a crutch to lean on). I'll get him done and post sexy pictures of him being rebellious on here. As far as I'm concerned, if I'm painting, drawing, making art, modeling, or animating with my time, I'm on the path to my goal.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Birthday fun

Sarah will be officially old in two days. Hooray!!

I other news, I've started playing Dwarf Fortress. If you like both Dwarves and Fortresses I highly recommend it. But don't take my word on it.

And if you think.. hey.. I might like it. Read this.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

In recent news

Smallville!!! Poker!!! Juggling!! All these things rock.. and I'm now obsessed with all three.

So.. Lex Luthor is awesome. Smallville is Buffy with Superman - how great is that? I know I'm in a geek time bubble, but appreciate this. I've just watched the first series for the first time.. I'm in love! Geeking out is great.

Poker!! - Online poker is such a wonderful diversion. I'm a big fish right now but I'm getting better.

And Juggling!! Check out . If you want to learn..well.. all kinds of fun stuff via video, go see. What a great thing.

Anyways, I'm going to work my way back into blogging. So.. hooray for life.

Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of "Can't Catch my Breath" July

My chest feels like I got kicked and I can't seem to catch my breath today. So..just trying to get though the day. Wish me luck and have a happy 4th of July. Oh! And here is some good news about bad news for once.
for once.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Onion Boy

Here is a drawing from the midnight oil (well.. the 2 am oil). Presenting Onion Boy.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Compy

New Compy Haiku:

New compy you rock
Hardcore, kicking so much ass
You rule completely

I love my new computer so much.. it looks like a sports car pin striped in electric blue. It's blazing fans make little cyclones around my feet and it responds with mongoose speed. It is the first computer that I've built and I'm hooked. There are just so many slots and bays that want to be filled in it.

It has become.. precious to me.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Abstract no?

Late night doodling in zbrush and photoshop. I love my new toy.. once I learn more it will be more than an abstract painting creation engine. I also make a little clay looking goose in it.. but..not so good.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

creative title here


It is a cleaning day.. hooray for cleanliness and a nice home. Work is work and I love my wife.

In other news, I'm obsessing about Spore. I haven't been this excited about a game since I saw the Mac World video for Halo.. when it was a mac game and the Xbox seemed like a lame idea. It is a game (that might be too limiting of a word.. Sandbox Toy God Simulator?) that blows my mind. You started at a microbe level, evolve creature though game play, go from the ocean and take those first important steps onto land, successfully mate and become evolutionary fit (or die), form tribes, technology, wage war, make cities, more tech (you get to design your buildings and vehicles), more war, get to space, engage in galactic conquest (there is a planet destroying weapon..hello Deathstar), terraform planets, seed new life on alien worlds (you can design plant life too), and make contact with alien races. Spore designs ecosystems - you can make 4 assed, 2 headed 1 tentacled critters (and hopefully they'll become the dominant life form.. hooray for tentacles!!) This game is so geek (and accessible to men and women, boys and girls alike).. I'm stoked.

So here I am..waiting.. impatiently... stupid September being 4 months away.

On the cg front - I'm trying to learn Zbrush. So.. I'll post pictures as that comes along.

I can't say enough about the game.. and I haven't played it yet.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Can't get enough of the World

I can not get enough of this commercial... it is less a commercial about the Discovery channel and more about how awesome our world is (which is kind of what the Discovery Channel is about..hmm). Anyways.. I sing it all day.

So.. I was thinking about movie time travel today (because.. you know.. I'm a geek). So.. terminator time travel doesn't work. The whole movie's idea is that we make our own fate, but things are predestined (the savior of the human race sends his buddy back to be his own dad. Its a self referencing go). Now Back to the Future time travel works okay (except for the fading Marty which is lame and doesn't make much sense).. everything Marty does in the past retroactively effects his future. The only problem is that Marty_A goes back.. affects his parents and future.. parents have Marty_B.. then Marty_A returns to the present. He thinks that he is seeing himself go off in the Delorean but Marty_A is really watching Marty_B go off into the past. So where the hell does Marty_B go (presumably back in time..affecting his parents future resulting in Marty_C and so on). The best thing for Marty_A would be if Marty_B never makes it back his past.. Marty_B goes to the Permian period and got crushed by a Dimetrodon. Apparently this doesn't happen because as soon as he gets back to the present, Doc takes him to the future with those nifty hoverboards. Who the hell is this future Marty? Is this Marty_C perhaps? Marty_B must have gone back.. got his parent together and instilled positive thinking in them.. and then took his trip to the Dimetrodon footwear store. And this Marty_C didn't hang out with Doc and go back in time (his 1985 was pretty good now). Sooo.. Marty_A and the Doc go to the future to help out Marty_C's kids? How weird is that.. and why do they care..if thing aren't predestined (as shown by new and improved McFlys of 1985) what can you possibly do in the future (accept buy cool new toys that affect your past)do for you? Marty_A couldn't have been seeing himself in the future, because he removed himself from the time stream. He was looking at some alternate Marty that really wouldn't be him (good thing he learned not to be such a hot head though..way to avoid that car crash that screwed up Marty_C's life). So.. the movie's time travel works with a minor paradox and some missing information.

Lets assume that the law of conservation holds true.. we can't create or destroy matter.. there is a finite amount of energy in the universe. So.. as Marty_A makes Marty_B with the time machine, some small star.. or guy in Cleveland.. or a school of mackerel.. dematerialize to make up for the new Marty_B (We've made a machine that not only displaces matter though time, it also redistributes energy in the universe (I'm thinking the flux capacitor..king of black box technology.. makes this work out ).

Wow.. while thinking about this, I did a Google and this guy's website hits these points and a lot of other movies more thoroughly than I do (but less humorously I'm sure).

There is a movie that did time travel really well and I can't remember the time.. its like.. hmm.. machine.. mechanical term.. torpid.. Primer!!! Wow.. witness my brain in action!! Not sure where torpid came from but it brought forth Primer. If you want to watch a very nerdy movie that is only enjoyable if you're a nerd (and awesome in that right) watch Primer.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I am sick.. fever and body aches.. I've spent the last two days on my couch drifting between pain and sleep. It sucks. I thought I would try to get up and play on the computer or work on some art. But my head hurts.. I think I will just go lay down again.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mama day

So I had a nice time visiting my parents - I got my mom some jammies to sleep in. We had a nice ham dinner and played poker with family (typical when we get together - I love it). My dad put together some fishing gear for me too. When I got home, I caught a fish 'this big' (from my elbow to my finger tips). It was the biggest fish that I've caught in memory.. a largemouth bass. Our little pond is catch and release, so maybe I will get him again.. I hope so. Man o man, there are a lot of turtles out there.. snapping and box turtles galore. I like how this post really doesn't have much of a tangent.. just thinking in text.

Sarah and I want to buy a condo here - we'll save on rent that way. And we want a we're going to go to the doctors to get all checked out. If they give us bad news, I hear we can order one from China. So.. no worries :).

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Little Dade has inspired me..

I was going to put these guys in a hot air balloon, but I swear I've seen that somewhere before. So what should they be in or on?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Time to get back on the horse

I've been getting so caught up in a cycle of work and crash that I haven't been focusing on the things that really make me satisfied. It is the whole rut of 'I've worked all day and I'm tired.. so I'm not going to do anything once I get home'. This is probably a luxury actually but it is proving to be unhealthy for me. Take writing this blog for example.. I haven't been doing it. And I get a lot of satisfaction from it. Sloth sucks. And daily sketching - I was climbing a ladder and fell down quite a few rungs. Here is one for today - photoshop was being a bit sketchy (pun intended) tonight. My brush kept deciding to not work and then affect layers I wasn't working on. Weirdness really. Animation & CG - more things that I want to get back into the swing of. I'm going to start slow and hopefully build momentum as I go.

On other notes,a family crisis is occurring with my sister and I can't get a hold of her on the phone. Sarah and I (hell - everyone I'm sure) did a lot of stupid rebellious things growing up and I'm sure that is what is going on, but it is scaring my folks. We love her and miss her - its tough to get perspective on things you can only see from one vantage. On the flip side, Talking to my brother now is like trying to draw blood from a rock. He is a genius and someone I really admire and love, but at the same time dealing with all the _joy_ of the family and being a teenager. Not fun so I understand.

Tonight I am going to exercise some. I need to get in better shape (which shouldn't be hard when I'm in poor shape right now.. any exercise should lead to better shape). Hmm.. hungry.. going to go make some food and do push-ups and squats.. while watching Transformers. The new formula shall be fun + geek + improvement = awesomeness.

Love ya people!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Bad Blogger

I haven't written a post in a week.. Bad blogger! Bad!

So here is an update.

So whats up.. I've had some crazy weeks. Lots of groups to take care of at work..I've just been really busy.

Sarah got a bad virus but she is getting better now. Its no fun when your sweetie is ill.

I got me some new clothes! I look like a preppy stud now... hello Banana Republic! It is so nice to be wearing new clothing.. I buy clothes about twice a year.. I really needed some. The best part is new socks!! Hooray for good feeling feet.

Art.. nill. CG.. nada. More like Better Living though exhausting days and well rested nights.

Monday, April 21, 2008


I played my first game of golf yesterday and man do I suck :). Golf is great though for the following reasons:

1. You get to drive around in go-carts. In a sport. How cool is that?
2. You get to swing clubs. Apart from baby seal hunting, how many sports have clubs? (Not straight sticks.. little f'ed up sticks!)

3. Although I haven't gotten to the advanced stage of the game, apparently drinking heavily is required as you advance in skill. The go-carts have coolers that fit 6-packs.
4. Like most sports, you wear funny outfits and use specialized equipment. In golf the specialized equipment sometimes looks like this:

5. You can play the game (and still suck at it) until your ancient. This is also very accepted.. so.. bonus.

1. Kinda pricey.. unless you happen to work and live at a golf course (hooray for me!)
2. Juggling ferrets is easier than this sport.
3. If I took the game more seriously (and I'm an extremist..I like stuff a lot when I like it), it is probably the most frustrating thing in existence.
4. I really suck at it.. the ball just doesn't want to go where you want it to and seems to be just as hard to find when it does fly in the right direction.

In the cg front:

I've started a walk.. go me.

In the cg hindering yet fun front:
I've started playing Dwarf Fortress. You must play.. it is.. hmm.. rad.

Peace out.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ready to Rock!

You ready to rock?! I'm ready to rock out with my manly extremity out. Schlump-time over - I'm fired up about being fired up. I am a beautiful animal, I am a destroyer of worlds, I am Scott, F'ing McElfresh!!

Clint - get that list of pictures sent to me.

Self - get off your ass and start some animating!


(Runs off with axe, torch, and furry hat!)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rockin Dream

Wow.. what a killer dream last night. I can't make out all the details - its a dream after all, but I was hunting in the woods with my family. We had short bows and a deer came up to nuzzle us (apparently we weren't hunting deer). Then a brown fox came up and licked my face (not hunting them either I guess). During this family outing, I looked into the sky and saw strange flying machines and airships coursing though the clouds. We immediately hopped into our van (A-Team style.. my family has never owned a van), and were racing away from large bald-headed humanoids. We fled into a warehouse where I ran into one of the Aghartanians; I shot him square in the face with the bow. The arrow pitifully bounced off and he smiled at me. I can't recall the conversation, but human lives were akin to games they played. As if, our lives as we lived them where characters they roleplayed in games. How weird is that? He then went on to tell me that I need to keep creating art.

This has been going though my head throughout the day - tommarow is my day off and I'm going to see if I can work out a portrait of the Aghartan or maybe the airship. Or anything.. you don't want to piss of a large bald alien who speaks to you in dreams.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Not a post

This isn't really a post. I'm not posting because I haven't posted in awhile. And nothing has really happened since then so there really isn't a point to a new post. I really should be doing things that would let me make a great post. How annoying is that. Mostly I've been destroying digital soldiers in the evenings and in the days, making coffee, making contracts, and making arrangements. But I really should be making other things in my time away from work.

I have an idea: give me an assignment to work on. You're my friends and interesting people - surely you have an idea that would be fun to make and animate. I want to build a set and props.. make characters and animate scenes. I'm in creative deadlock. I think of ideas.. like..hmm.. two guys..and.. one of them chops the other down with an ax. Creative? Not so much.. fun to animate? Possibly. Am I excited about it enough to take the laborious amount of time to animate it? Nope. Animation takes a great deal of time. And passion. I seem to have less passion after a long day of work... because.. you know.. I've worked all day and then the animation seems like more work. Instead of creation, fun, and art. I'm in a bit of a rut - I don't want to vent and bum anyone out. Good thing I'm not posting anything.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Me and my buddies.

I just have to post these pictures. Just look at how amazing little Dade is. And his Dad is my best friend in world - he must have passed some amazing along.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Beatlemania and 4 Irish Tenors

Yesterday was a day of Bransontastic fun. Sarah and I took the day off together and saw some shows. One rocked my socks off; I had an amazing time. Sarah and I sang and yelled - the Liverpool Legends are about the closest experience you can get to actually seeing the Beatles in concert. In several ways it might actually be a better experience than seeing a Beatles concert.. you know.. less hysteria and deafening screams.. more music. I'll never really know until there is a zombie reunion tour. The Liverpool Legends sing the songs and play the instruments - no lip syncing here. Killer concert. On that note though.. Sarah said something disturbing before the show. Imaging seeing a Nirvana tribute band at a theater when we're 64... that is about the equivalent experience most of the audience had. Anyways - see the Liverpool Legends if you love the Beatles.

The 4 Irish Tenors were another thing completely. We saw the 10AM show (go free tickets..woo). Technically they are called the 12 Irish Tenors but only 4 are actually from Ireland. Basically, if I joined the 16 French Saxophonists, it would be about the equivalent. Sarah's biggest complaint (and it has merit) is that maybe 2 of the singers were the same as the ones on the billboard. This would be a better sign (and possibly a better show). I must admit - they sang very well. Not much Irish.. mostly opera and show tunes..very choirboy.. but very well. They were entertaining.

To top off they day, we had dinner with Sarah's folks at a great upscale southwestern restaurant. That reminds me.. I have a doggy box in the fridge. SCORE! Really good food..then we went and got rental movies and crashed in bed. Not a bad day at all.

On today's fun with work activities: I toured the Sight and Sound Theater. I don't think I'll be interested much in the content of there performances, but I have to admit, I want to see the shows. The stage is huge. The theater is beautiful. And how could I pass up a show that has animatronic hippos? My critique of a show I haven't seen: apparently the Noah gives the Ark over to Christ. WTH?? I'm no theologian but that seems to miss the mark Biblically. If Yahweh shut the door to the Ark, that would have some scriptural precedence but Christ? Like a omnipresent, pre-physical manifestation spirit Christ? No angel? Weird huh? On the nifty front: apparently there is a Temple of Nod in the production. Eat your heart out Command and Conquer.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Daily -

Used my free time a bit.

Beautiful Boy

This is my new buddy Dade. He is just about the best thing since the interweb. Not only does he delight at being burritoed up in swaddling, but he makes cooing noises when you play rocket-ship pilot with him on your lap (knee bouncing + finger hand holds + rocket noises). Just look at him. He is a beautiful animal.. a destroyer of worlds.. a paradox of power and babyness. I really want to bring a potential playmate or arranged marriage partner into the world for him.

So I visited my wonderful friends Clint and Cassie this weekend. They are frickin amazing (I also saw Amy - she is great too!). When I watch them, I see things that I want to bring to my relationship.. or just more of it. It is so nice to be around a couple like that. My parents are like that. They still kiss loudly before going to sleep (almost to ad nauseam); it is things like that that make me love them all the more. I'm being sappy, but by golly, baby Dade makes me feel sappy.

On a side note - Cassie's family really knows how to stab people in their souls. It is a neat talent.

Enough on all that.

Strange news from the work front: today I had lunch (which was great.. people brought chili and other good foodstuffs to eat) and we had a belly dancer perform. Never in my life have I been privileged to free chili and belly dancing at my job before. How 'bout that.

Wow.. I have do things..that I enjoy. How to spend the time? Lets start with web-comics and go from there.. Life is good today.

Thursday, March 27, 2008



WOOOOT. What a great game. Good job Armor games .. the bad news - I think the leaderboard is messed up.. it only shows 5 names on the board all with 0 deaths. I got to lvl 11 with 0 deaths but I can't imagine getting though the whole game that way.. and it only show 5 names.. NO MATTER. I finished it.. with a modest two thousand something attempts :O

I am free! Free at last. Beat the game.. sanity has returned. It is a strange accomplishment. I feel like I deserve a cookie. Or I want aliens to come claim me as their champion to have a killer early cg battle in space. Aren't those moments, when you succeed alone, just really strange? No just video game triumphs, but those moments when a glass falls off a ledge and you snatch it with your offhand like a deft cat-burglar. You hit a difficult riff that you're never ever able to repeat just the same. You cook the perfect steak or bake the most amazing loaf of bread. I love those moments in life.

I'm going to get back to doing what I love.. you know.. art and animation. On the same note, my wife gets home from a business trip tonight. Hooray.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Journey with me though insanity

So I tried the Hardest Game Ever again.. let me take you though my journey

1-10.. I rule!! WEeeee..

Then it hits the fan. The game is without remorse. It leaves you no time or respite. You move or die.. and you die.. over and over. It is as if you had to play frogger and pong at the same time, while German police induced psychological warefare on you..the same techno song looping and looping. And screw you if you want to save. NO SAVE FOR YOU!! Some levels are puzzles.. great. Others are lemming suicide missions where you stagger around with milliseconds between survival and defeat.

This one.. lvl 23.. everything shifts.. back and forth..up and down.. and there is a damn pinwheel to smite you.

I highly recommend this game. It is fantastic. I'm going to play until my eyes bleed I think.. I had to stop tonight because I thought I might go blind.

I'm stuck on level 26..5 levels and I've beaten it. On 26 I can get each individual point. even 2 of them.. but inevitably I die trying to get the third. This digital nightmare will not beat me.

And the worse part of it all.. there is no reward except perhaps personal satisfaction that you're done with the game and no longer have a desire to play. How I yearn for that sweet sensation.

A mouse

Look.. a mouse..

I'm excited about the weekend already. I get to visit family and friends.. I'm an "uncle" to a cute little spud. To top it off, I get to talk shop with my good friend and plan a body of work. How great is that.

If you're reading my blog for the first time or haven't commented, write me a little blurb. I love hearing from people out here on the edge.

Spotlight on Anju

Hey people! Anuj Agarwal mailed me a little blurb about his slideshows - Neat little concept. I commend Anuj's passion for his work.

Fun stuff. Maybe you'll find a slideshow you like for you page at his site here:
Nachofoto Blog.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wooyeah! Stupid game.

I got past level 10.. and I got there with only 20 deaths.. then promptly racked up over 100 deaths getting though the level. Damn that game is difficult...

Then I got to here:

Lvl 10 but worse.. I don't think I'll be beating this game anytime soon.. especially when you can't save your progress :(. Mario has nothing on this nightmare.

In other news, the pollen is relentless. My throat has been replaced with fiery pain (only soothed by vitamin C citrus cough drops and jelly belly beans).

I made a new friend type person the other day. Our neighbor sings in the Yakov show and has the cutest little poodle. The doggies love to play together... if I ever recover my camera from our storage room (ie: spare bedroom), I'll take a picture. When I go in there, I'm reminded of the last scene of "The Raiders of the Lost Ark". Poor camera..

Tonight Sarah and I are eating mass quantities of meat.. RibCrib for the win! I'm excited about the meat... (thats what she said) Mmmm.. In other food news: I make amazing Eggplant Parmesan. The key is that you lay out your eggplant slices on paper towels.. salt heavily (kosher).. put more towels on top.. and then press for 30 minutes (Thanks Alton Brown.. you rock). It is amazing how much liquid comes out. Then rinse, dredge, bread, pan fry, and drain. Ooooh so good. I love cooking.. but hate cleaning up. Maybe I could have been a chef. They have dishwashers I'm sure.

Drawings on the rise.. posting later tonight. Wow.. blogging makes you feel good. I need to do it regardless of how I feel. Lots of love.. peace out.

Monday, March 24, 2008

He ain't pretty

But he _is_ a sketch. Behold.. daily sketch.. drawn in pain and generally cloudheadedness. On the upside, I like the character. Not a great design but fun.

I miss my friends everywhere. Life has become work and more work lately. So.. friends out there, I love ya and miss ya! I hope that life is treating you well and that many happy fortunes will be bestowed upon you.

Mind numbing fun

Just have to share this little bit of insanity with everyone. You will like this if you A: Like Games. and B: are a masochist. I'm thinking Cassie and Sarah will both be up for it.

Worlds Hardest Game

Good lord this addicting.. I got to level 10.. don't think I'll get past it anytime soon. I get to the bottom and lose :|. Go.. have mind numbing frustrating fun. I dare you.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Under the weather


I haven't created anything in the past couple days and I don't feel so good. I'm not ill but I just feel..out of it. Like I'm getting over a cold or just started one. And I wasted my weekend.. Sarah and I did find a great house we would like to buy. Here's hoping the price is right.


My head hurts. This post is grumpy and no fun to read. And no daily or semi daily sketch up. I'm going to go take some advil and get some sleep. Then tommarow I'm going to have a busy day at work, come home, and make a new drawing. Even if I feel as out of it as I do now.. maybe a crappy drawing.. but it will be one none the less. Here is to tommarow.. when I'll start to live for today. (But really..not head aches)

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Here is a concept painting for "Dirty Clarence" - a Unity Underground black market dealer. This isn't really where I want to take the art.. I am going to push it more stylized and graphic. That means I'll probably need to get out the pencil and paper... I haven't been able to completely switch over to digital yet and get the same quality work. Its a start... time to sleep.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sheets of rain

So no drawings last night or tonight.. bleh.

Last night I got home and passed out in bed.. later I woke up disoriented and with fever. This morning.. oh so groggy and not feeling well. Now I'm fine. So I missed my post and sketch last night.. I'm sure under daily sketch law, there are caveats for illness.

Tonight I had a date night with Sarah. When went to the delightful stereotype of an Italian villa that is the Olive Garden. I had the minestrone soup... it is pretty much what I like there. Olive Garden in Branson is not like other Olive Gardens. For one thing, people can smoke in the restaurant. I told the greeter 'First Available'.. in Texas that means 'Patio or Interior'. Here is means.. 'choking or breathing'. Dumb dumb dumb.

The last time we went to the Garden, we sat in breathing. Our waiter was Johnny Monday. He was born on a week where it rained black and his mother beat him because he was ugly until he was nine. After working as a shoeshine boy with a burlap bag on his head for 4 years. Like the ugly duckling, he caught his reflection and saw that he had transformed into a good looking person. He thought to himself - I wonder if I can do that professionally? This led him to Branson where he now works as a performer slash model. Olive Garden is just for marketing in the off season. Johnny Monday bothers me because what I really need at Olive Garden is a waiter. You know.. someone to fill my drink, bring my food, and get my order right. Thats about it. Johnny, your calling is outside of the Olive Garden.. go out and live your dreams.. or work on becoming a better waiter.

Enough ranting (wait.. if I stop that, I have no blog).

Ranting resumed.

I'm starting a new project with KNRPG Productions. Art for a game in production called Unity Underground. I'm psyched about it.. I love projects. They channel my creative energy. They are the flux capacitor for my art. I'm going to start posting work in progress paintings on their steps to completion. I should have something up tomorrow. If not for Unity then some sketch.. hell. Now I feel guilty for not posting anything. I don't want to just throw up a scribble like I did the other day though... and I need sleep to have a productive day. Operation semi-daily sketch go!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ladies night..ohh what a night.

Tonight I went out with my boss to a birthday gathering for a nice woman at the chamber of commerce. It was a nice gathering of cute professional women.. I was the odd one out. Long story short.. I had too much wine.. am going into work late tomorrow and my sketch has kind of suffered for it. I had fun meeting all the chamber ladies though. But ya know.. this is about the first daily 'sketch' that I've done. The rest have practically been completed works.. so no biggy.

I'm so busy at work. I had a stack to finish today.. much more tomorrow. That is pretty exciting actually.

I miss Lone Star Comics - (Fort Worth, TX). It is such a great little store.. I miss the people and the comic wall. The local Branson store...well.. it sucks. It has to be a tough market with Branson being a completely tourist driven economy (not really the comic reading tourist crowd either). I want the local shop to be good though. It makes me was to start a store.. but again. It would be so difficult to succeed here. I need to find an online option.

and WOW - Hooray for Portugal and people from Portugal. A Portuguese blogger left some praise on my page and filled me with an enormous sense of joy for blogging. Go global community!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ohh So Much!!

Wow.. so much to write and I want to get to sleep.

My parents came to visit this weekend and we had a grand ol' time. Ohh wait.. I don't want to talk about that yet.

More Pi

Thanks wikipedia for educating more about how amazing pi is. Get this: there is a collection of poems called Cadaeic Cadenza that corresponds to the digits of pi (well..not all of them..that poem would never end and take too long to read). I highly recommend the read - I attempted a small feat of pi poetry.. my results were rather dismal in comparison.


A Poem

I yearn leviathan to spread ahead
the dread creature appearing benefic
uncloaked she is the paradigm evil

My poor little poem corresponds to pi to 20 decimals (3.14159 26535 89793 23846). It makes for interesting language and is a fun mental exercise. Poetry is difficult enough without worrying about how many letters your words must contain. I haven't written a poem is years - try it out for yourself!

Moving on.

This is the first part of some sequential artwork inspired by Mike Libby's work at Insect Lab. Boy I love his sculptures.. I want to make some.

I'll finish the rest of the art tommarow hopefully. I need to come up with some stories before I start doing comics.

Back to parental visit: We went to watch Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede! yesterday. I think we all had a great time: we got stuffed on meat, got to watch horses, hear nice singing, and get an overwhelming dose of patriotism. My favorite part was the pig races and ostrich riding (thats right.. thats what I said). Good family fun show and food to boot. Now for some critique - if you, like many of my friends and sister, are vegetarian, you would have left the show hungry.. I think the mini corncob and potato wedge wouldn't have sated you. If you were Native American or First Nations people, you might have gotten somewhat offended about the neon painted white guy in a headdress chanting hey-yah hey-ya before summon a bird god. On a positive, the bird god flying dancer was quite a beautiful spectacle to watch. Good job! Splitting the audience in rival "North" and "South" groups is done to encourage audience participation -- I think it was done in a thoughtful manner and in the end Dolly informed us that we're all winners. (Except for the South.. they lost. you get Nascar and the Almond Brothers). Overall, I think it is a great show! Sadly, apparently at other Dixie shows, they have buffalo.. I love buffalo.. shucks :|

More Fun!!

Sarah and I had a grand scheme of seeing a double matinée of "Horton Hears a Who!" and "Penelope" - yahoo movies had different times listed than the Branson Imax however.. so we missed our showtime, at dinner at McFarlains (good food and prices... country home cooking - I had turkey dinner - *glee*), and then payed an exorbitantly large sum to see "Horton Hears a Who!" Blue Sky - cheers to you! I can't say how much I enjoyed that animation in the movie. Great job! (The crowd shots felt like some characters died.. a bit stiff & still..I can't complain though). The movie as a whole is a much bigger ball of wax. Horton is just symbolism layered on symbolism with a parable like quality that was almost overwhelming... really beating a dead horse by the end. I'm sure countless religious groups will be using it for their own ends (apparently Pro-life advocates have already making out the movie to be "Horton hears a fetus"..) the overall message seemed clear enough: be open-minded. I like that. On a stranger note, I had just watched the Messenger: Joan of Ark movie... lots of parallels between the movie that made me wish I could just enjoy the movie without thinking of everything else. I'll probably get the DVD. I love Seuss and Blue Sky. Again.. fantastic work. Cheers.

Time to sleep.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Behold! The majestic penguin.. that I wanted to draw at 2 AM. (What an odd thing to wake up for). I'm going to start working on some sequential art.. you know.. like a comic.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Pi Day

I totally missed it.. thank you Thad for redeeming it for me.

When ink and pen in hands of men
Inscribe your form, bipedal "P"
They draw an altar on which
God has slaughtered all stability
No eyes could ever soak in all the places you anoint
And yet to see you all at once we only need the point
Flirting with infinity, your geometric progeny
That fit inside you oh so tight
With triangles that feel so right


Your ever-constant homily says flaw is discipline
The patron saint of imperfection frees us from our sin
And if our transcendental lift shall find a final floor
Then Man will know the death of God where wonder was before

Yeah, I know this Pi shit backwards and forwards
Check it out

I did three chicks then I pointed at the door
A girl entered in so that made it four
I snapped one time in came another five
Add 'em all up and that makes nine
The average age 26.5
Now that's what I call gettin' some pi
Five of the chicks wore 6-inch heels
Two of the nine squealed like seals
514 was the area code
Quebec, Canada my winter abode
And my 1.3 million dollar chalet

Pi backwards, pi forwards, all night and all day


Parental visit and working

I had a great day today - it was a nice taste of my new job in full effect. The guy I'm replacing (he is going on to bigger and better things - good job!) last day was today. We had a nice little pizza party send off. I like that professional adults still enjoy a pizza party. And I didn't even have to read any book list books and take my list to Pizza Hut. How great is that? The pizza was from "Pizza World" - good stuff. I'm not a big fan of thin crust, but there were some good choices to eat; the crowd pleaser was the chicken/spinach. Delicious!

So I'm now the Events Coordinator for Thousand Hills Golf Resort in Branson, MO. It has a nice ring to it. Plus, it is a great job. Basically, I organize events: family reunions, wedding receptions, business meetings, and all manner of group get-togethers. If you're visiting Branson, I recommend our cabins - rustic log cabins.. very romantic.

Tomorrow my parents are visiting. I'm excited: I got tickets to Dixie Stampede. It will be the second show I've seen in Branson. I'm going to make a point of try to get to as many as possible while we live here. I love to be entertained. Hopefully everything goes well.

Well.. off to eat and and clean. Ooohhh - 16 days of daily sketches. I'm so proud :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Reading is easier with pictures

I found a great new comic today. I loves it.. and I think Cassie will like it too. Enjoy. It was a good day today! I helped a nice older couple find the perfect rooms for their 60th Wedding Anniversary. How great is that? I'm enjoying my job more and more. On the flip-side, I inhaled a bit too much ammonia while cleaning some tables in a conference room and tomorrow I'm cleaning out storage closets. Every job has its pros and cons I guess.

I've had enough portraits for awhile. Time for some exploration of things that a 11 year old and me would enjoy. Robots, monsters, explosions.. all kinds of good.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Baby Envy

Damn it Cassie.. why did you have to have such a cute little baby? It is like a friend who gets a cool new toy that you don't have and really want. Now we really want one.. he has little feet and you can give him a bath in the sink. He is dis big |-(insert baby size here)-|! Whenever you two, get some vacation time, remember that Sarah and I live in the Missouri vacation destination numero uno. We miss you.

Hmm.. I think my work is sucking creative energy away from me. I'm sustaining my daily paintings but animation has slowed to a crawl. While making sales calls today, I did sketch out some rough posing for my couple animation. I'll keep on fighting the good fight... of making amusing animations.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

So good

Hmm.. my job is going well. Still quite a learning curve. I like hospitality, but I really have to work on my phone conversation skills. I no talk good on phone.

In other news, Sarah is awesome! She made lasagna, a beautiful salad, and get this: chocolate covered strawberries! What did you have for dinner? :P

Monday, March 10, 2008

DS 12

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday day off woooo....

It's my day off :) Have a nice day.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Picture book

I was listening to the Kinks "Picture Book" today and the song has stayed with me all day. The Kinks are such a great band - I love all the British invasion bands (the Beatles, the Who, and the Rolling Stones) but out of all of them, I feel that the Kinks' sound embodies more of the style that I enjoy listening to in modern music. That is a bit backwards way of thinking about it I guess.. I've been stuck on the Decemberists, Neutral Milk Hotel, Elliot Smith, and Death Cab lately.. surely their music has been influenced in some way by the 60-70's era British music scene. The songs have such great narratives and some fun poppy rhythms... gotta love em.

Apparently I like a lot of "Emo" groups. What about this music makes kids want to write dark poetry, wear too much eyeliner, and get lame haircuts is beyond me. Do Emos exist or are they just a myth that has been popularized by the interweb? Hmm.. hippys.. punks.. head-bangers.. goths.. emos.. (weird.. Sarah and I were big grunge fans.. still am.. not group title? whats the deal?)

Piano man

Tonight I went to a dueling piano bar - Branson has all kinds of fun.... all for a nominal fee. I crashed a birthday/going away party. Good times.

Sketch power!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Fun with Work

I really like my new job. I get to call people, setup contracts, solve problems, email and "touch base". The people I deal with are generally happy (so far) and most things I can plan well ahead of when they will actually occur. As a bonus, I never have to climb on to roofs or cling to ladders in thunderstorms. Awesome!

I'm liking these monochrome paintings. I can work completely digital and it is a style I'm comfortable with. I think I'll try to do a series of these (unless I decide to do something else..)
I'm short one for the week though.

Last night I took a long, soothing bath, got lethargic and had to sleep. I'll make up the drawing.. it bothers me that I didn't post one yesterday. Anyways : work = good. Drawings = good. Animation = weekend.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Friend Fun

I made a new friend today and that is always good. After work we went out for food and drinks and now I'll try to draw a picture. Slightly intoxicated drawing on the way.. it might be up tommarow but drawn today.

It was a good day at work. I learned a lot. The end.


.. oooh.. drinking and drawing don't mix. Here is my sketch of the day after my head cleared up.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

King of the Humugens

This little guy came from working solely with digital chalk and no idea in mind of what I was drawing. Stream of consciousness doodling I guess. I need to play housekeeper today..laundry time and unpacking.

Thanks for the comment Clint. I'll start working on some concepts for a game soon enough. If you have an ideas for concept art you would like to see, just let me know. Focus is always helpful for me.

Even though I'm sure it will be everywhere else too, I just want to note that Gary Gynax passed away at the age of 70. Be sure and roll a die or two in his honor. Salute to the father of roleplaying.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Pie of Slumber

Today was my first day on the job - training day for the win!
I think it is going to be a good experience overall - customer service, hospitality, and sales. Good and good. And I am not going in tomorrow due to inclement weather.. and it was beautiful just the other day here.

Sarah and I ate some pie and feel asleep at 4 PM and slept for 3 hours. Now I feel kind of messed up. I'm glad the dogs woke me up or I'm sure we would have woken up around 1 AM.

Tomorrow I'm going to try and start blocking out my new animation. That and unpacking boxes so I can find my camera.. I need reference.

What do you think about this sketch? Sarah says thumbs down. I think there are some positive things happening in it. Either way.. each day is a fun learning exercise. One of the reasons I got out of bed was to draw my sketch.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Today was different than yesterday.

I had a good day today. Kind of a lazy Sunday. Sarah and I went to visit her mom and grandmother. Visiting with Mom was nice - we were greeted with a variety of food. Ravioli, Meat Loaf, Salad, Gravy, Sweet Potatoes, and Cherry Pie. Not generally what I think of when I consider lunch, but I really enjoyed it and now we have left overs for the week. Hooray for food. We visited her grandma next. She is eighty years old - got back from a funeral before we visited with her. Funerals are an odd social function for the elderly I have decided. Hearing them talk about it was about like me and Sarah talking about coffee with friends. I found it really comforting. She is a neat lady with some down to earth advice - "Do what you want to do and when you want to." It gave me a nice little warm feeling that I'm doing the right thing.

Tommarrow is the first day of my new job. Hopefully things go as well as I would like them to.

One drawing and a creepy painting today.. I did the painting at around 3 am the other night. I've been drinking too much tea.

I'm excited at yet another new projects! Its everything that I talked about in a previous post on what I would like to animate. Zombies are on hold for now. I'm going to push to get the new animation out in 3 weeks. Here is the scene - Guy on screen and his lady dashes in from off screen; the guy scoops up his lady and they twirl and then kiss. Then he carries her off screen. Acting, weight, physical action, and two characters interacting. No real props or setting but I'm not worried. Oooohh.. I can model out clothing for the characters. And I can make the scene a period piece and figure out a nice background. I'm thinking a west end New York sort of setting.. the clothing.. no idea. Long dresses without any sort of cloth simulation would be killer. Unless the woman is in equestrian gear, when did women start wearing pants or jeans? Late 50's / Early 60's ?? Time to watch Audrey Hepburn movies (good idea - thanks sweetie!).

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Guillotine Necklace

I was thinking about faith and god today.. in particularly Christianity and Catholicism . Mostly about the fixation on pain, suffering, and death of Jesus. I'm by no means a religious scholar and really don't know much about it (I'm sure there are a multitude of great books out there on the subject), but what other religions focus so much on the death of their prophets & saviors? Birth, death, and resurrection.. shouldn't the religion be focused on life? After all; we're alive and it is kind of our principle concern. Yes yes..afterlife.. but who needs faith after you're dead? Just some musings..

On the flip side: would life be odd if the Roman empire had the guillotine? No fixation on pain and suffering.. drop and chop. What would churches be like? Crosses were an implement of death and suffering (crucifix coming from cruciare which means"to torture") and they are represented all over the place. Imagine guillotines and baskets outside of buildings all around your city and towns.. iron maidens necklaces hanging around peoples necks. I know that the modern usage of the cross and crucifix is more or less a symbol - a way of saying "me = Catholic or Christian". What a bizarre thing though.

I love my dogs.. no dogs go to heaven.. because dogs don't have souls. Eternal kowtowing. Wtf?

Gnashing of teeth and fiery brimstone.. Eternal suffering. Wtf?

Can we get some better options?

Enough on all this.. I'm bumming myself out.

Chores Ahoy

Lots to do around the house today.. and hmm.. I haven't been doing much of it yet. So I'm going to write this and get started. Right now. After this. In a minute.

Daily Sketches.. bam